سرنگ کروماتوگرافی Syringes and Accessories

SGE offers a complete choice in syringes with a range of capacities, termination
types, and numerous needle sizes for a wide range of applications. This selection
guide explains the SGE syringe features and how to select the ideal syringe for any application.

Manual, Autosampler or Instrument Syringe?

If the syringe is being used by hand, a manual syringe should be selected. If the
syringe is installed in an instrument then select an autosampler syringe to suit that
particular instrument.

SGE has a large range of manual syringes for use in chromatography and many other

SGE’s extensive range of autosampler syringes meet all fit, form and function
criteria of a specific autosampler model.As minimum requirements, they meet
dimensional specifications, have accuracy of better than ± 1 %* and are designed for
precise, worry free overnight sampling.

توضيحات بيشتر

For the best possible injection reproducibility and accuracy, the smallest injectable volume from any syringe (with the exception of eVol®) should be no less than 10 % of its
total capacity, for example: the smallest recommended injection volume from a 10 µL syringe would be 1 µL.

To accurately dispense 1 µL or less a Nano- Volume syringe is recommended. SGE NanoVolume syringes are available with capacities ranging from 500 nL to 5000 nL
(0.5 µL to 5 µL). These syringes can inject down to 50 nL because the entire sample is contained within the needle. Designed with submicron tolerances, these syringes
are rugged, robust and reliable with virtually zero dead volume. Liquid and gas tight, they provide precision and accuracy of ± 2 %.

• The typical scale length on a 0.5 µL – 10 µL syringe is 54.1 mm.
• The typical scale length on a 25 µL – 25 mL syringe is 60 mm.

Note: Scale length is sometimes referred to as stroke length.

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