After a slightly chaotic first half performance, Lampard played more conservatively in the second, instructing both Ben Chilwell and Reece James to sit deeper and overlap less frequently, limiting Leeds’ ability to hit the flanks on the counter. What’s more, Leeds were generally forced back, pinned too deep in their own half to find space on the break, such was the attacking variety and energy in the press from Chelsea’s forwards.

In the likes of Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, and Kai Havertz, Lampard has signed brilliant printing notebook forwards from clubs that already preach hard pressing and defending from the front. Consequently Chelsea are more compressed than last season, hounding down the ball as soon as they lose it to minimise opportunities for a counter.

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But when the first wave of Chelsea pressure is evaded, Kante always seems to be there to clear things up.
And the team has been further strengthened this season by the addition of Thiago Silva, whose experience has not only helped stabilise Kurt Zouma but generally organise both the stepper exercise machine defensive and midfield lines. It is increasingly rare to see Chelsea bent out of shape at the back, further patching up any of the problems that arise from those unusually unstructured positions taken up by Chelsea’s more advanced players.

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In Kante they possess one of the world’s best players and Lampard should take the plaudits for converting him into a new and revitalising role; in Kante they possess the key to fixing the tactical issues that had overshadowed the first two years of Lampard’s managerial career.